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    Discover "Follow Me", the tandem tow bar for parent/child bikes.

    The Follow Me towing system allows you to take your child everywhere safely. This system allows you to easily tow a child's bike by safely connecting the rear wheel of an adult bike to the front wheel of a child's bike.

    When the system is fitted to the adult bike, the child's bike can be easily removed if the child wishes to cycle independently without being towed. The system remains attached to the adult bike, without being in the way when riding. When cycling with the family, simply attach the tow bar and fasten the child's bike where there is heavy traffic and remove it as soon as the traffic is calmer and the child can pedal alone. With Follow Me, the child's bike wheel follows the track made by the adult bike to the millimetre and thus ensures that the child can hold on to the bike when cornering. The child can always hold on to the handlebars, which remain fixed.

    When the Follow Me is no longer needed, it can be attached to the luggage rack or the saddle by means of a strap with a carabiner that is included in the delivery. The Follow Me takes up very little space and can therefore be stored quickly without taking up much space. The child and the bike are growing! No problem, this towing system fits children's bike wheels from 12 to 20 inches.


    INSTALLATION FOLLOW ME, 2 points must be taken into account:

    • Mounting on the adult bike

    The mounting on the towing bike is done at the rear wheel axle. It offers great stability and increases safety because no levers are involved, as is the case with seat post attachments. This system leaves the luggage rack free and allows a second child to be carried on a child seat or to carry panniers.

    The system comes with a special quick-release axle to be installed in place of the original axle of the bike. To mount the Follow Me on a second adult bike, an additional Follow Me quick-release axle is available.

    • Mounting on a child's bike

    The Follow Me traction system is attached at two points: by the front wheel axle and by a telescopic bar with an adjustment knob that goes on the frame tube to the bottom bracket. Once the pre-installation elements have been mounted, the Follow Me is easily installed without tools.

    A clamp is mounted on the frame of the child's bike via a metal collar. It fits all shapes and diameters of down tube from 24 to 76 mm in diameter. For the front wheel axle, two bolt axle extension nuts are fitted instead of the original bolts. Two pairs of nuts are supplied with the Follow Me to fit the child's bike axle: one pair for a 5/16" axle (approx. 7.9 mm) and one pair for a 3/8" axle (approx. 9.5 mm).

    The kit is complete. If you have bikes with standard axles, you will not have to buy anything extra.

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